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VTi< L^^C'V'.-VArw^v .-\ ■ 



I ps» 

f ■ 


"If a task is once begun 
Never leave it till it's done 
Be the labor great or small, 
Do it well or not at all" 


The 1983 Portico is dedicated to a person who has made this 
saying his life's motto. Since his graduation as valedictorian of 
his class at American International College, he has taught literally 
thousands of students the proper way to speak and write the 
English language. His years in the theatre both on the stage and 
as a director and producer have brought him many accolades. 

He had the great fortune to marry a woman who has been 
his most loyal fan for over forty years. She holds the record not 
only for having seen the most performances of every Bay Path 
theatre production but also for having baked and served her 
delicious congo squares to hundreds of Bay Path students. 

Bay Path Junior College students have had the pleasure of 
benefiting from this man's talents since 1964. He has been 
mentor, friend, teacher, and director to hundreds of past and 
present students. 

Today, we affectionately dedicate this Portico to John P. 
Gaffney and paraphrase a line from "Auntie Mame" to say may 
your life always be a banquet. 


President's Message 

Being a woman is special even though women have notalways had equal opportunities 
for education and employment, or social and civic equality. As you venture forth into your 
own futures, you will find greater opportunities for women than ever before. Barriers that 
kept women from many careers in the past have been removed, and the most detrimental 
myths about women's capabilities have been eradicated. You will also find many more 
options available to you in formulating your personal and social lives and will be better 
prepared to cope with life, having had the benefits of higher education. 

You will be assuming new responsibilities and more freedom to control your own 
destiny. I hope the important choices you will be called upon to make will be made with 
wisdom and dignity. Intellect by itself is not sufficient. More important than the degree 
you earned and the grade point average you achieved is the kind of woman you are and 
the kind of human being you are striving to become. 

As women, you have responsibility for the affairs of the heart as well as the mind. To 
establish happy homes, to bear and rear children (if that is your choice), to unselfishly 
minister to the needs of your families, to be sympathetic to the suffering of others, and to 
respond charitably to the needs of those less fortunate — these are the traditional roles of 
women, and you have not been liberated from them. Being a woman is your birth right, a 
chance element of nature. To be a loving woman is your obligation if you are to fully 
actualize your life. Be proud to be a woman. Set your standards high in your personal and 
professional lives, and be worthy of the privileges you have that generations of women 
before you fought long and hard to obtain. You carry the responsibility for the future 
status of American women. 

You will be leaving a part of yourselves to Bay Path's heritage, and I hope you will be 
taking with you the best it offered. Throughout your lives, your College will maintain 
continued interest in you. We will welcome your letters and hope your homecoming will 
be frequent. My personal wish for each of you is a meaningful life and that Providence 
will watch over you as you go your separate ways. 

Dr. Jeanette T. Wright 

The secret of getting ahead is getting started." 


A mind is a terrible thing to waste." 




Upon our arrival at Bay Path Junior College, we realized 
that our future depended on our education here. We were 
frightened, yet optimistic about the new change college life 
would bring us. As time went by, we began to lose some of that 
fear and instead gained confidence. Now we see that Bay Path 
has prepared us to meet life's challenges, and the future we 
thought could only be imagined has now become a reality. 

In these two short years at Bay Path, we have grown and 
matured as women, and the influence of this college will be 
carried with us for the rest of our lives. Whenever we look 
back on Bay Path Junior College, we will have fond memories, 
and appreciation for allowing us to become the women we are. 

'The things taught in schools and colleges are not an 
education, but the means of education." 


Don't Give Up 

"If you tried and have not won 

Never stop for crying; 
All that's great and good is done 

Just by patient trying. 
If by easy work you beat 

who the more will prize you? 
Gaining victory from defeat 

That's the test that tries you." 



Far away there in the sunshine are my highest 
ispirations. I may not reach them, but I can look 
ip and see their beauty, believe in them, and try 
o follow where they lead." 

Louisa May Alcott 

Best of%atk to 


tV«S, < 

ET m, 

tritwz 19 $3 

Williamstown, Massachusetts 
Medical Assistant 

think about those people who mean so much to me, 
and I count the times I have forgotten to say 
thank you. and just how much I love them. 
I will always admire and cherish them FOREVER! 

You gave me life and filled my days with your love 
and support. My happiness you rejoiced in; my tea 
you cleared and replaced with faith. Thank you so 
much for everything. Luv ya Mom and Dad. Beany 

LLuAan/ <J xoruv o. 


Manchester, Connecticut 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

Enfield, Connecticut 
Medical Secretarial 

WV MEMORY has painted this perfect day with colors 

'hat never fade; and we find at the end of a 

perfect day the soul of a friend we've made. 


oLxtuve/ Ju «J uic 

New Britain. Connecticut 
Medical Secretarial 

' * 

It doesn't matter where you go or what 
you do or how much you have What matters 
is who you have beside you. All my love 
to Mom, Dad, and Peter! 


Pittsfield, Massachusetts 


Far away in the sunshine are my highest 
aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look 
and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to 
ollow where they lead. Mom and Dad I Love You Both 





Finish each day and be done with It . . . You have 

done what you could; Tomorrow is a new day. 

Be and accept yourself and so will others. 

My turn out there has come — I LOVE YOU MOM — THANKS. 

Brookfield, Connecticut 

Travel Administration 


c) vlWaxv Uviruv 

Trumbull, Connecticut 
Executive Secretarial 

Happiness is an activity: It is not passive — 
Laughter is passive. Thank you Mom, AHK, and 
everyone else. Gonna keep'em all laughing! I 
— Me Myself I — 

Mom ana Uaa, thank you tor all your love and support 
— / Love You — 

eijaxKcnxi Ctun ?J\Lcr J udh 

Franklin, New Jersey 
Administrative Assistant 

i ( 

North Easton, Massachusetts 
Executive Secretarial 

True happiness consists not in the multitude 
of Ireinds. but in the worth and choice. 
Ben Johnson 

For every smile there is a tear For every laugh 
there is a sigh For every friend there is a memory 
that life can't pass by. 

I Love You Mom, Dad, Ann and Nan 

Braintree, Massachusetts 
Medical Assistant 


^CULfte/ d\\jOAAA/ JCeleAA, 

Holden, Massachusetts 
Administrative Assistant 

"Special joys and Special places 
Special friends together: the moments pass 
quickly, but the memories last forever." 
Thanks Mom and Pop, I Love You! 



With every smile there is a tear. 

With every laugh there is a sigh, 

With every treind there is a memory, 

that Life just can't pass by. Thanks Mom and Dad. 



Wethersfield, Connecticut 
Administrative Assistant 


North Branford, Connecticut 
Executive Secretarial 

True Friendship is like a Rainbow . . . 
Never ending and never ceasing to amaze 
Those who enjoy it. 
Thank you Mom and Dad. I Love You. 

Love smiles its own gladness, laughs its own 
tun, dreams its own heaven, shines its own sun. 
All my love to my family and freinds. Thanks! 

Burlington, Connecticut 
Travel Administration 


Enfield, Connecticut 
Executive Secretarial 

The best things in life are not free but 

< Komn. tJ\Lacc/\\JuXcuv 

East Longmeadow, Massachusetts 
Business Administration — Management 


oVimliu A.unn t/Ltcfvoi 

Monlpelier, Vermont 
Administrative Assistant 


many men seemed destined to settle for something 
small but I wont rest until I have it all. 
Thanks Dad, Betty and Anne. I love you all! 

Always leave them laughing, lor when you 
leave them laughing, they'll always remember 
you with a smile. Love ya all! Thanks Dad lor 
everything. I love you! 

(Jtrvrv f JlLmiaA2aru/ 

Rocky Hill, Connecticut 
Administrative Assistant 



Gone like a dream but not forgotten 
We shall always recall the times 
The sweet, sweet memories, 
These memories soft. Love You All. 

^Janice/ G)Lairtc/ \^uaIutv 

East Hartford, Connecticut 
Business Administration — Management 


■ *f X 


ie ^Delri iJvcunokl 

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I 
cannot change, courage to change the things I can, 
and wisdom to know the difference. 
I Love You Mom and Sal. 

Brooklyn. Connecticut 
Arts and Sciences 


West Hartford, Connecticut 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

Success is nothing without someone you love to 
share it with. The bad girls Mary-N-Karie Thanks 
lor the memories Tom 3/23/79 Thanks Mom and Dad 
lor everything. Love you both. 

I think about those people who mean so much to me. 
And I count the times I have forgotten to say 
thank you, and just how much I love them. LUV U TE, 
Thanks Mom and Dad. Thanks M and J, it's been gre, 

Hartford, Connecticut 
Certified Professional Secretary 

cJtLaAAJL/ (hw^cuaoirv uOaAiXerri' 

Cheshire, Connecticut 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 



If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you 
can dream it, you can become it. BILL 3-?6-81 and 
on! Jane and Kan #7 buddies! Thanks Mom and Dad 
for making it all possible! DB too. I love you all. 


vSX. / 

As I sail along the horizon, I will never forget 
the people I have sailed with. 


jLimt'iu . OuVu 


Wethersfield. Connecticut 
Travel Administration 


^jarvlce J\Lcvua <J\xvdanA 


Ludlow, Massachusetts 
Medical Assistant 

r . + 

Lying out there like a killer in the sun, Hey I 
know its late we can make it if we run! Springsteen 
I love you Mom and Dad — Thank you so much! 

You thought everything is ended, but it's yet 
to begin, and you ain't seen nothing yet, but 
what you see you'll never forget. Benatar 
Thanks M & D. 

Hinsdale, Massachusetts 
Medical Assistant 


cJvxithiWv JU . JlLuAAXXAJU 

Metuchen, New Jersey 
Arts and Sciences 

Time may change me, 

Bui I can't trace time. David Bowie 

Thanx Mom and Dad Luv Gentie Dear 

The true test of maturity is not how old a person 
is, but how he reads to awakening in the midtown 
area in his shorts. Woody Allen 
4 down, Thanks Mom and Dad. 

Stow, Massachusetts 
Arts and Sciences 

Give to the world 

the best you have, 

and the best will come back 

to YOU. 

Enfield, Connecticut 
Travel Administration 

Southington, Connecticut 
Travel Administration 

All my love and thanks to Mom 
and Dad. Your kindness has 
been greatly appreciated. 


Westwood, New Jersey 
Medical Assistant 

The best and most beautiful things in the 
world cannot be seen or even touched. They 
must be felt with the heart. Mom and Dad Thanx 
for making this dream a reality. I love you! 

A smi'e will cheer any day. 

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for helping me become the 

person I am today . . . and to YOU GUYS, I love you 


zi)eru$& T^oxAotv dUedW> 

Coeymans Hollow, New York 
Executive Secretarial 


c^unn£ <J ' /vqAjoaaxjL 

Cheshire, Massachusetts 
Business Administration — Management 

Home is where the heart is, and friendship is 
a guest, a hug, a kiss, a handclasp. The place 
that I love best! 

Love ya Mom and Dad! 

Thank you Mom and Dad I love you! 

I love you Paul you helped me through this, 

my family is the most valuable thing I have. 


Roxbury, Connecticut 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

Southampton, Massachusetts 
, Executive Secretarial 

It is better to torget and smile than to remember 
and be sad. Love and thanks to my family and to 
my best friends. 

Someday we'll look back on this, and it will all 
seem funny. 

B. Springsteen 
Thanks for everything Mom and Dad. 

Jllauj C°ucn ,) i|Tt4'U 

Penn Yan, New York 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

Jutt/ttCtO/ &. UV&aA 

Hartford, Connecticut 
Executive Secretarial 

M & D you've given me strength to venture forth 
never lacking courage and through so much love you've 
taught me to never be without hope, but most of all, 
you've made me very happy — I LOVE YOU LYB2 & T. 

Mom and Dad — Times you gave me what I need, times I 
took with total greed. Times you held me when I 
cried, times you encouraged me when I tried. Times 
you made me achieve love and thanks. LYB2&C 



K "^'■'■' ^B>*' 

V 1 \ ^> V 

m I 

Kpc 1 

LivuAiu/ fJlLoAAxi' rJILuxe/i/ 

Lenoxdale, Massachusetts 
Tra vel A dministration 


Glastonbury, Connecticut 
Administrative Assistant 

l >od grant me the Serenity to accept the things I 
annot change, to change the things I can, and 
ie wisdom to know the ditterence. Thanks lor 
verything Mom, I love you! I love you Roland! 

Special joys and special places, 

Special friends together. 
The moments pass so quickly, 

But the memories last forever. Thanks Mom and Dad. 

Norwich, Connecticut 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 



L u n ( h ia c ) can <J I la xarv 

Nantucket, Massachusetts 
Legal Assistant 


If you love something, set it tree. If it 

comes back to you, it is yours. If it doesn't, 

it never was . . Thank you Mom and Dad. I love you. 


What lies behind us and what lies before us, are 
tiny matters compared to what lies within us. Many 
thanks Mom and Dad for your love and support. 
Weekends at WNEC Jim Gramp ya Gene. I love you all 

Pittsfield, Massachusetts 
Medical Assistant 


xJ\jQJQAA\j KjlciaAAXl/ LxWO 

Reading, Massachusetts 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

My footprints of today will fade tomorrow and be 
renewed someday by a child. Will our footprints of 
today be worthy of filling tomorrow? Thank you 
Mom and Dad Your footprints were worthy Love you 

Sturbridge. Massachusetts 
Business Administration — Management 


Caxol LT nru> L unruruiriarrv 

Cresskill, New Jersey 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 



MOM AND DAD — I was blessed to be loved by parents 
as wonderful as you. Because you believed in me 
you've helped me believe in myself. Thanks for your 
love and understanding. I LOVE YOU! ! ! 

<\xj/U/ (huero .Jv^eatc/ 

Laurel, New York 

MOM AND DAD, I'm so grateful for your love, help 
and support which gave me the confidence that I 
needed. You're terrific and I Love You! 

UXxxamtv yjLnrv cJvu/iiceit 

Dedham, Massachusetts 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

It is not how much we have but what 
we do with it that makes life 
worthwhile and gives us happiness. 
Thanks lor everything, Mom. 



There have been times in my lite I've spent 
wondering why, and still somehow I believed we'd 
always survive . . . Kenny Loggins 
L.ove and thanks go to my parents lor their support. 


Wallingford, Connecticut 
Arts and Sciences 

What lies behind us and what lies before us 
are small matters, compared to what lies within us. 
All my love to everyone who supported me through my 
years — Thanks! 

Love blossoms anywhere as long as someone's there 
to care. Raffaele, Mom and Dad I was blessed to be 
loved by special people like you because you believei 
in me you've helped to believe in myself. 

Rocky Hill, Connecticut 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 



Adams, Massachusetts 
Legal Secretarial 

You've got to get up every morning with a smile on 
your face and show the world all the love in your 
heart . . . You're going to find . . . you're as beautiful 
as you feel Thanks Mom and Dad. A.J. I'll miss you. 

Capture the moment — savor today, for I must begin 
a new chapter. As I flip through life's pages I 
pause and say, "Oh how I love my yesterdays!" 
With all my heart — thanks mom, dad, babci — love ya! 

Hartford, Connecticut 
Executive Secretarial 


t/llonxx JL^fkO/ (JlLaricAXKy 

Wilbraham, Massachusetts 

What I do today is important because I am 
exchanging a day of my life for it. 

West Springfield, Massachusetts 
Medical Assistant 

Friendship is the inexpressible comfort of feeling 
safe with a person having neither to weigh 
thoughts nor measure words. 
Mom and Dad — Thanks for everything. I LOVE YOU! ! 

S*£h L- 

Whately, Massachusetts 
Travel Administration 

"Time is not measured by the passing of the years, 
but by what one does, what one teels, and what one 
achieves." Thanks Mom and Dad — / love You' 

Look to each new day as the dawning of a new 
experience, and to those days past as a memory 
to hold forever. " A special thanks and all my 
love to you Mom and Dad. 

c) usoav O luxate cXuncfi 

Lee, Massachusetts 
Travel Administration 




Avon, Connecticut 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 


Memories of all the laughter and tears that I've 
shared in the past two years will be locked within 
my heart, in a place where no one will touch. A II 
my love to Deb. Jude and especially to Mom and Dad. 


All the moments of laughter, the good times and 
true friends that I've met will remain memories 
in my heart forever! Thank you to my family and 
friends, Pops and Jude for all your love and support. 



JU MXQAJOjh; \JUuv M xmAivnj 

Montpelier, Vermont 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 






Glen Rock, New Jersey 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

The moment of laughter . . . 

The joys of friendship . . . 

The good times are memories to cherish forever/ 

I Love You Mom and Dad . . . Thanks Deb and Mare. 

"Aim at the sun — you may not reach it, but you 
will fly higher than if you never aimed at all." 
All my love and thanks to Mom, Dad, and yes, you 
too Nicole. This is only the beginning . . . 

\/est Lebanon, New Hampshire 


West Lebanon. New Hamp 
Executive Secretarial 


G) ncLxt (b lizaiaelJirv K^acuaaib 

Southampton, Massachusetts 
Legal Secretarial 

We have something special that no one, no time, 
no distance can take away . . . We have each other. 
143 . . Dad, Mom, Rob, and Brice . telephone. 
Thanks for being there. I LOVE YOU! 

Happiness is like a butterfly. The more you chase 
it, the more it eludes you. But if you turn your 
attention to other things, it comes to sit on your 
shoulder. Thanks for everything Scott, I love you! 

M uJu& IXra-v 

Lebanon, Connecticu 
Medical Assistant 



q)uacltv <j\Lasu&/ &nruirv 

Winsted, Connecticut 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

What I am meant to be, I am becoming 

All my undying love and gratitude, Mom, Dad, 

and Ricky. 

It you can imagine it, you can achieve it. 
It you can dream it, you can become it 
Thanks Mom and Dad. lor making these the best 
two years ol my lite I LOVE YOU! 

c)uacu\ JTl. (I'ttxJ. 

Beverly, Massachusetts 
Travel Administration 


Watertown, Connecticut 

Medical Assistant 

Special joys and special places, special 
friends together; the moments pass so quickly, 
but the memories are forever! 
Love and Thanks to Mom and Dad. 

To all of my friends, I want to thank you because 
without you I wouldn't have made it! 
Mom thanks for always being there when I needed 
you! I love you! ! 

Sheffield, Massachusetts 
Travel Administration 


JUajCUVH' <J > 


Orange, Connecticut 
Medical Assistant 

Thank you Mom and Dad tor your guidance, tor your 
understanding, for your support, and for your 
confidence in me. I love you both! 



Belmont. Massachusetts 
Medical Assistant 

The days and years are all now, past, 
but the sweet soft memories will last and last . . . 
Thanks Mom and Dad for all your love and support 
I Love You! 

Torrington, Connecticut 
Medical Assistant 

Life is a gitt; open it one day. Take out the colors 
ot reality — happiness, pain, sorrow, love. Paint a 
rainbow. Make it yours. Thanks to my family and the 
special people in my lite. I love you all. 

"The smiles you'll give and the tears you'll cry, 

And all you touch and all you see 

Is all your life will ever be." 

All my love and thanks to my family. I LOVE YOU! 

zDcwJav c/ILtcKelc/ oapttan/ UXxuLvJaaJL 

Litchfield, Connecticut 
Business Administration — Management 


Q^otiAaxv JCecLxl 

Wilbraham, Massachusetts 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

The great secret ot success 

in life is to be ready 

when opportunity comes. Disreali 

Thanks Mom, Dad and Ed. I Love You All! I 

Thanks to the friends I've made for making these 

two years a little easier. 

Thanks Mom and Derick for your love and 


Southwick, Massachusetts 
Travel Administration 



oau c/ICa/ae/ <J xiAsuriatatv 

Vernon, Connecticut 
Administrative Assistant 


"Love when you can, cry when you have to, 

be who you must, that is part of the plan." —DF 


My love and thanks to Mom, Dad, and John for alwa) 
being there. To all my Bay Path friends, especially 
Mary, thanks for the great memories. I'll never 
forget you. 

Manchester, Connecticut 
Executive Secretarial 



As days grow old and become our past, memories of 
friends are kept to last, and as we go from day to 
day, the time will come to go our way. 
Thanks Mom and Dad. 

Holyoke, Massachusetts 
Legal Assistant 

ik* " :) & 

"/ glance back at yesterday's defeats with 
an understanding that they've strengthened me 
for tomorrow's triumphs." Love to Mom, Dad, 
and Kevin. 

Xtdxx Linn (JaraW SLuUcru 

South Windsor, Connecticut 
Legal Assistant 


ij uditn CXruv c) v^ll&t 

Palmer, Massachusetts 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

Loving friends and family are two of God's greatest 
gifts. He has given me both, for this and many 
other things I thank him. Thanks for all your love 
and help. Mom, Dad, and Stuart. I love you too Gram. 



You've been there through the good times and bad, 
drying the tears, holding back the loneliness, and 
giving enough smiles to last a lifetime. Thanks 
Mom, Dad and especially STEVE — I Love You So Much: 


- - 


Phillipston, Massachusetts 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 



<J\La/vui> jCoAxxavq; 

Vernon, Connecticut 
Travel Administration 

Nothing should be prized more highly 

than the value of each day. 

Thanks Mom and Dad for your love and support! 

Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime, 
We'll take the best, forget the rest, 
And someday we'll find 
These are the best of times. 


$a&n& Ctruv Xjz*f vuuica 

Schenectady. New York 
Administrative Assistant 


<. J nwe&a jLat 


Ridgefield, Connecticut 
Administrative Assistant 

May the road rise to meet you, the wind be at your 
back. May the sun shine warm and rain fall soft on 
your fields creating a rainbow in the sky and your 
heart. Thanx Mom and Dad, I love you! 

Remember what Christ taught and let his words enrich 
your lives and make you wise. Colos. 3:16 

Pittsford, New York 
Executive Secretary 


If you wished upon a star, could it travel, 
all that far — or would it shatter in the night, 
and fall before it finished flight? 
Thank you Mom, Dad, and everyone! 

Middletown, Connecticut 

To live your life your own way. 
Reach the goals you have set 
And be the you that you want' to be 
That is success. 

c/ILaua <J hewAOy Ji) ujj <nxoAxdlch 

Middletown, Connecticut 
Legal Assistant 


East Hartford, Connecticut 

We are like trees; we must create new leaves in 

order to grow. 

I love you Mom and Dad and Gerry. Thanks. 

Dorado, Puerto Rico 
Administrative Assistant 

Mom and Dad: Thank you for all your love and 
support throughout my two years at Bay Path. 
I will always cherish the memories. I Love You. 


Wethersfield, Connecticut 
Administrative Assistant 

't you can imagine it, 

/ou can achieve it, 

7 you can dream it, 

iou can become it. Thaks Mom and Dad tor your Love! 


Let your life lightly dance on the edges of time 
like dew on the tip of a leal. 

Rocky Hill, Connecticut 
Executive Secretarial 


Netcong, New Jersey 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

To achieve your goals is a contentment within your 
sell But to achieve it with the help and support of 
family is true accomplishment. Thank you Mom and Dad 
for your confidence and this beautiful opportunity. 

I think of all those people who mean so much to me 
and who have made me so very happy and I count the 
times I have forgotten to say thank you and tell 
them just how much I love them — To my family — 143. 

Newington, Connecticut 
Executive Secretariat 

JlJoaJuv J^qaxAaxXxjo 

Sudbury, Massachusetts 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

There are two things that will remain in my 
memory forever . . . The very special friends I 
have made and the encouragement from loved 
ones . . . Thanks MOM. 


No love, no friendship can cross the path of our 
destiny without leaving its mark upon us forever. . 
Thank you Mom and Dad for all the love and support 
you gave me in helping me to achieve my goal. 

Windsor Locks, Connecticut 
Administrative Assistant 


Pittsfield, Massachusetts 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

All my thanks to you Mom and Dad. I mean It 
with all my heart 

The thing that goes the farthest 
Towards making life worthwhile 
That cost the least, and does the most 
Is just a pleasant smile. 

Springfield, Massachusetts 

Travel Administration 

•- ( . 

Durham, Connecticut 
Legal Assistant 

Turning back through the book of life; 
some pages are missing and some are torn, but 
the best pages are hi-lighted. Thank you Mom, 
Dad, and David tor all your love and support. 


I've got to go now, I've got rainbows to follow , 
The Love and the laughter have made it worthwhile 
I dance onward now — No regrets, /ust a smile 
Thanks Mom and Dad tor everything 

JlalhW r/ILa/uj. o) loddcvuL 

West Hatfield. Massachusetts 
Executive Secretarial 

Kjhxidinu (X. Cataido/ 

West Springfield, Massachusetts 
Business Administration — Management 


You can find happiness in your dreams; Reach for 
the stars, but keep your feet on the ground, thanks 
Krista, Marline and Bonnie. I love you Mom and Dad, 
you have been my inspiration. 

Friendships are something to cherish and real 
friends are always someone you can depend on 
My thanks and love to Krista, Bonnie, Chris, and 
especially Mom and Dad. 

JlLoAlinu JlloAie, ZJJcxiAjJLaxv 

Chicopee, Massachusetts 
Arts and Sciences 


Jjanrua ^<uuv JxaxaxJ^U 

Brattleboro, Vermont 
Travel Administration 

it' y 

Mom and Dad, Thanks for everything you've done 
for me. I couldn't have made it without you. 
Mar tine. Bonnie, and Chris, you've been the 
best friends. I'll never forget you. I love you. 

Take one day at a time and make the most of it you 
can, that way you'll always remember yesterday and 
look forward to tomorrow. Thanks lor everything 
Dad and Mom I love you too Martme, Krista. and Chris. 


la rJlLcLxa xJXAUrVn 

Hampden. Massachusetts 
Arts and Sciences 



Let me think independently, 

tor it is I who must live with my decisions 

and learn from my mistakes. 


Glastonbury, Connecticut 
Executive Secretarial 

What we learn with pleasure we never forget 
— Mercier 

Stafford Springs, Connecticut 
Executive Secretarial 


Jixiruy Ctnro JKidxlLtcuv 

Broadbrook, Connecticut 
Administrative Assistant 

Friendships are like different roads 
Some are bumpy while others are smooth 
But all get you better prepared for the next. 

is * ' t 

What appears to be the end is really the start of 
a new beginning. Thanks for all the love and 
support you gave me. Without you I never would 
have made it. I love you Mom, Dad, and Bennett. 

Broadbrook. Connecticut 
Administrative Assistant 



FT\ «Jrk .# J 

Suffield, Connecticut 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

After I graduate, the mites between friends 
will be vast, but the memories and love we shared 
will always be close to my heart. Thank you Mum, 
Dad, and Ziggy. My love for you is immeasurable. 

•',.- MM 

"Friendship is to people what sunshine is to 
flowers" Thanks Mom and Dad for everything — I lovi 
you! Happiness always to N, Julie, Jean, and 
Denise Thanks for being the best of friends ever! 

\^Axrd)nAXV oLxmxjac/ JU 


Litchfield, Connecticut 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

Springfield, Massachusetts 
Executive Secretarial 

Yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is only 
a vision but today, well lived, makes every 
yesterday a dream of Happiness, and every tomorrow 
a vision of hope. Thanks Mom and Dad I Love You. 

People we know and love, places we have been, 
precious . . . The memories they bring. Thanks Mom 
and Dad lor everything! I love you both so 
very, very much. 

Madison, Connecticut 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

// you love something, set it free. It it comes 
back to you, it is yours. If it doesn't, it never 
was. Thanks Mom and Dad I love you. 

Danvers, Massachusetts 
Travel Administration 

I J / 

Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime. 
We'll take the best, forget the rest, and someday 
we'll find — These are the best of times. Thanks 
Mom and Dad for everything. I Love You! You too Me 

Fairhaven, Massachusetts 
Medical Assistant 


&h S cJUJLCl. JCunM 

Holbrook, Massachusetts 
Legal Assistant 

ife's truest happiness 

is found 
? the friendships 
le make along the way. Thanks Mom, Dad. Nana Love ya 

LOVE . . . Smiles its own gladness. Laughs its own 
fun, Dreams its own heaven, Shines its own sun. 
Thank you Mom, Dad, and Ray. I Love all ol you 
very much! (RSD) 



^rve/ujJt Linn/ =Jyo' 

ndian Orchard, Massachuse 
Legal Assistant 




cTV/uiia <J\\xwu& JuuJkaAJu 

North Adams, Massachusetts 
Administrative Assistant 

These two years have come to an end, but 
in reality it is a whole new beginning. 
With all my thanks and love to Mom and Dad, 
and Steve. I LOVE YOU! ! ! 

When Someone Cares . . . 
It is easier to speak, it is easier to listen, 
it is easier to play, it is easier to work. 
When someone cares it is easier to laugh. 

New Salem, Massachusetts 
Travel Administration 


Wallingford, Connecticut 

Administrative Assistant 

Every things Nicer When Shared With A Friend . . . Liz 
Krista, Amy . . . Bollum 4 . . . Frats . . . Home Sweet Home. 
I Hope the future is good to me. . . I lov» you Dad, 
Mom, Steven and John . . . Thanks For Being There. 

<J\cLren Co. c) 

Leave behind yesterdays troubles 

And live tomorrows dreams 

All my love and thanks. Mom and Dad 


Shrewsbury, Massachusetts 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

As we part my friends, I see the faces of adults, 
But there is a glint in your eyes, a shadow of the 
past that tells me the good times will not be 
forgotten. Thanks Mom & Dad. I Love You both' 

Farmington, Connecticut 
Executive Secretarial 


Mom and Dad: Thank you for your patience, understano 
and friendship. Thank you for giving me this 
opportunity. I Love You Both! Beth 

\Jtxn\duuruis J\L. \JUxnjh 

West Simsbury, Connecticut 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 


Milford, Connecticut 
Certified Professional Secretary 



I send you a rainbow tor saying to me, 

The sun needs the rain for a rainbow to be 

Much love and thanks to Mom. Larry, and Joey lor all 

your support — I Love You 1 ' 

JUvoa/ioJfx ^L-e& u 


Wallmgford. Connecticut 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 


LXna&ta&ia <JIL <J apJxam/ 

Nantucket, Massachusetts 
Business Administration — Management 

"Take the time to be friendly. 

It is the road to happiness 

Take the time to smile, 

It is the music of the soul." Thanks Mom and Dad. 

{ ■ 'SPS 

f 1 


rfl Mb'. <"• i 

■ I 

V^v '** « 



b ** ' ''\ 

7f / frad stopped to listen once or twice 
if I had closed my mouth and opened my eyes 
if I had cooled my head and warmed my heart 
I'd not be on this road tonight." 

(JXxulu/ oLxuvrtc/ Lt/irtaui/ 

Ledyard, Connecticut 
Business Administration — Management 



q)uacuv (bvUrv Q)cruruxit 


Madison, Connecticut 

'rue friends are like diamonds, precious and 
are; False friends are like autumn and 
ney're found everywhere. Thank You Mom, Dad, 
nd Thomas. I Love You all. 

"I see my future at a rainbow's end . . . 

happy hours . . . timeless friends . . . 

And if I ever chance to find my way . . . 

rest assured . . . I will stay ..." Thanks Mom and Dad. 

JTLxtu/ <J\xn& G> ruuv 

Pawcatuck, Connecticut 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 


Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

Derby, Connecticut 

To live your lite your own way . . . to reach tor 
goals that you have set . . . to be the you you want 
to be . . . is what makes you a success. Thanks for 
everything, I love you Dad and Mom! . . . Luv Ya Butch. 

«J /voucax/ ^AVtmey J I ta/iAcwixi/ 

West Springfield, Massachusetts 
Travel Administration 

The best and most important things in the world 
cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt 
with the heart. Thank you Dad and Mom! 
I Love You MICHAEL xoxo 


Whatley, Massachusetts 
Travel Administration 

What I seem to touch these days just turns to 
gold, what I seem to want well you know I find a 
way. —Stevie Nicks Thank you Mom, Dad, and John 
lor helping me become what I am. 

Parents are for living . When I needed you most 
You were always there, supporting me with love 
You equipped me lor hie to be upright and noble 
"I love and cherish you." Thanks Ma and Dad' 

©LxH4 Linn LI 


Westhampton. Massachusetts 
Executive Secretarial 

"Love, trust, hope, and patience 
Thanx Mom!" 

cVunn LXrwv <Jjlaad/ 

Paxton, Massachusetts 
Fashion Mercnandising and Retail Management 

Dream the impossible . . . then achieve it. Thanks 
for the inspiration MOM. 

(bu^JLeUv J\xMub JRxtcon^uv 

Lenox, Massachusetts 
Travel Administration 


Manchester, Connecticut 
Travel Administration 

* I 

Cursing the quest, Courting disaster 

Measureless nights forbode. 

Moments of rest, Glimpses of laughter 

Are treasured along the road. —Fogelberg 

East Longmeadow, Massachusetts 
Executive Secretarial 

Special joys and special places, 

special friends together; 

the moments pass so quickly 

but the memories are forever! Love to Mom & Dad 

< . 



Q)ah/nncL cJiLoaxcl LaiRoaA/ 

Naples, Italy 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

Do not be troubled about the future lor it has not 
yet come. Live in the present and make it so 
beautiful that it will be worth remembering. I 
love you Mom and Dad. Thanks for your support 

Sitting here and thinking about you so far away, 
wondering what you're thinking and, wondering what 
you'd say if you were sitting here beside me . . . 
Grazie alia mia famiglia e a Jacques. I love you. 

o)t<xcu/ (blu^cJaeVrv J\A£jh& 

Salem, New York 
Administrative Assistant 


CxxtlxcAxnc/ (blizcuoArv <J\juuzcul> 

Cairo, Egypt 
Travel Administration 

It you love something, set it free 
It it comes back to you, it's yours 
If it doesn't, it never was. Thanks Mom 
and Dad and New England Telephone- 

P " 

Thank you for giving me so much, especially your 
patience, support, understanding and love. You have 
done so much lor me. Mom, Peter. Sara and John — / 
LOVE YOU! I also thank my friends lor great times 

Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Travel Administration 



Hjsco, New York 



Business Administration — Management 


"/ have learned that to be with those I like is 
enough." All my love to my family and freinds for 
making the memories here possible, and this part of 
my life so special. HAPPINESS ALWAYS .. . Cazz 

People who need people are the luckiest people ir 
the world, children needing other children and yet 
letting our grown up pride hide all the need 
inside acting more like children than children. 

Lxwinn^ (biain& ZD 


Manassas, Virginia 
Arts and Sciences 



Sayville, New York 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

Ain't it funny how the night moves 

when you just don't seem to have as much to lose 

strange how the night moves 

with autumn closing in. CHARLIE, I LOVE YOU. 

To love and be loved is the greatest joy on earth. 
John, Thanks tor the joy ol my life . . . your love. 
Your the one that I love always and forever 
I love you, John! 

^JXdxxirv c^Uttrut/ \JheAxi> 

Glastonbury, Connecticut 

Arts and Sciences 


Newington, Connecticut 

talking along sandy beaches, the tide washes away 
le sand, but not the memories. Those parties with 
ean! Charballs Alabama! Our favorite boys . . . ML JP 
1y buddy Patti AJB KS DM WF Thanks MDJA PJ Love Ya 

Losing someone is sometimes the only way we come 
to love someone we otherwise took for granted — MZ 
Alabama something? . . . Our favorite boys — SG . . . E 
AnnMarie, AJB, KS, WF, DM, DG, . . . ILY M,D,L,C, THA 

Rocky Hill, Connecticut 
Arts and Sciences 


(Xrrvu/ ^jo/ JOqavU 

Danvers, Massachusetts 
Legal Secretarial 


om! You've helped me through everything — I love you. 
miss you KS PJ WF JV remember our favorite boys, 
elcome Alabama! Today I think I'll try to accomplish 
mething, I like getting through it. ILY P.H. 

As yet you are nothing. No one has tamed you, and 
you have tamed no one. You are like my tox when I 
first knew him. But I have made him my friend, and 
now he is unique in the world. Love You Mom and Dad 

Westerville. Ohio 
Travel Administration 


V It) (L 

Lakeville, Connecticut 
Legal Assistant 

I think about those people who mean so much to me 
and count the times I have forgotten to say thank 
you. Now I realize how much I love you all. 
Thanks Ann. Connie, Lori, Lynne, and Lain'e. 

Though I have the gift of prophecy, and understanc 
all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have 
all faith, so that I can remove mountains, and have 
not love, I am nothing. I love you M & D & Carl. 

Keene, New Hampshire 
I Business Administration — Management 

Northforcf Connecticut 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

The secret of success in lite 
is lor a person to be ready 
when his opportunity comes! Disraeli 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Teddy, David and Glenn, Love ya. 


<0i *%»• 

.\jt>!i0fi *•• 


'S * 

oL-ou Ltnriy tJvnox 

Windsor. Vermont 
Administrative Assistant 

Why are we dying to live yet living to die? Thanks 

ml T, Sf T ' 0r IUS ' bem 9 ^ere and special 
thanks to Mom and Dad I couldn't have done it 
without your help. 


Somers, Connecticut 
Legal Secretarial 

Images of days passed linger forever, 
dwelling In a special place known as memory. 

eirv rJ\LculQAj/v 

Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead; 
Do not walk in front of me, for I may not 
follow; Just walk beside me and be my friend. 

Suffield, Connecticut 
Legal Secretarial 




Newtown, Connecticut 
Medical Assistant 

Life is like a path of freshly fallen snow, 
so be careful how you tread on it for every 
step will show. 

I am not afraid of tomorrow lor I have seen 
yesterday and I love today 
Thanks to everyone who has touched my hand 
and led me m the right direction 

Sutton. Massachusetts 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 


LXfUte* c/ICatie/ \J ' c/ 1 Lcuaxv 

Middlebury, Vermont 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

I Love the life within me, I feel a part 

of everything I see. I love the life around me. 

A part of everything is here in me. 

Thanks Mom and Dad, I've amounted to something! ! ! 

'Cause it is only in your heart this thing that 
makes you want to start it all again. Thank you Mom 
and Dad so much for everything. Thank you Bill and a 
my friends for the memories. I love you all. OxOx 

Hatfield, Massachusetts 
Executive Secretarial 


Suftield, Connecticut 
Legal Assistant 


"You must look into people as well as at them ' 
By Chesterfield 

People so seldom say I Love You, and then It's 
too late or love goes. So when I say I Love You, 
it doesn't mean I know you'll never go, only 
that I wish you didn't have to. 

South Windsor. Connecticut 
Travel Administration 

New Fairfield, Connecticut 
usiness Administration — Management 

> ^ 

The secret ol success is sincerity, once you fake 
that you've got it made. 


\JrveAxJue/ (JtxtartaAXO/ 

Wethersfield, Connecticut 
Executive Secretarial 

To love is to admire with the heart; to admire is 
to love with the mind. 


c^yruv JllaW zBiadcv 

Ware, Massachusetts 
Legal Secretarial 


/A person who cannot be a loot at times, is a 
fool. i.e. Dance class with Paula. 

Warwick. Bermuda 
Arts and Sciences 



Jicdxicux (X. (JiUmaco/ 

Agawam, Massachusetts 
Arts and Sciences 

Yesterday, I remember; today, I live; tomorrow, I 



/ walked along the oceans edge, thinking about 
my goals ahead. I looked out to the dear blue 
sea, and dreamt about my future to be. Mom and 
Dad, thank you! I love you! 

Springfield, Massachusetts 
Travel Administration 



\JirinaAr\jaswes jL-eduo 

Springfield, Massachusetts 
Executive Secretarial 




Happy /s the man who knows what to remember of the 
past, what to enjoy in the present, what to plan 
lor the future. AG. Thaks Mom, lor all your 
sacrifices. LOVE YA! 

DAD, God took you from me God gives me strength 
God will lei me tell you I love once again I 
MISS YOU. MOM, my friend, thank you lor your 
kindness, courage and your love 

Westfield, Massachusetts 
Travel Administration 

^exuxnu Lxt^erv C9u^ 

Oneida, New York 

Travel Administration 

Nothing can interfere with the harmony of being 
nor end the existence ot man in Science. 
Thank you Mom tor all your love and support — 

"Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime 
We'll take the best, forget the rest, and someday 
we'll find . . . These are the Best of Times . . . —Styx 
My love and thanks to you Mom and Dad. 

JuoxxkAOs (JL/ervdu/ Q)y\jhaaax/ 

Cortland, New York 
Administrative Assistant 


2). ft 

Windsor Locks, Connecticut 

Executive Secretarial 

For every time I stumbled, you were there to 
pick me up. For everytime I succeeded, you 
were there to rejoice with me. Thanks for your 
support and love Mom, Dad, and John. I love you all. 

Happy are those who dream dreams 
and are willing to make them come true 1 
Thanks lor everything Mom and Dad! 
I Love You Both! 

Windsor Locks. Connecticut 
Executive Secretarial 


Springfield, Massachusetts 
Executive Secretarial 

To my Parents in appreciation tor your help 
and understanding. 
Thank You 

Love. Sherry 

To my family who stood by me when 

I really needed them. 

Especially Mom and Dad — Love, Marcellf. 

UiKjxruMUUv JD<mAA& ^xwxnAcwi/ 

Springfield, Massachusetts 
Executive Secretarial 


\Jcaxv <J\Lcuiia/ JCgajiuvou tJeXJuo 

Waterbury, Connecticut 
Travel Administration 

"Let me be free — To think my own thoughts 
to choose my own way, to be my own person." 
Thanks to my family and Gary 
I love you all! 

LXftfie r/ICa/tte c/ILaaas'. 

New London. Connecticut 
Medical Assistant 

The secret of tile is enjoying the passage ot time 
The secret of love is in opening up your heart 
Thanx Mom and Dad for all your love and 
sacrifices, and to my friends lor all the memories. 



r% *i 


Jueruca <J\Loaa£/ ^JaAJLLtv 

Windsor Locks, Connecticut 
Certified Professional Secretary 

Look beyond the clouds 
Search lor a rainbow 
And happiness will be yours. 
Love to my family and friends. 

Chicopee, Massachusetts 
Certified Professional Secretary 

Remember the times of the past, but live for toda\ 
for soon, these will become the past. All my love 
to my Mom and Joe. Thank you Rosa, Louise, am 
Mary for the good times we've shared. 


Ludlow, Massachusetts 
Certified Professional Secretary 

Dream your Dreams and live for each day - 

It's never as hard as it seems. 

Trust me, I found a way! 

With love to my family and friends. Thanks! 

I Love you very much Mom 1 ' 
Thanks for everything you've done. 
We made it Rosa and Demse! ! 

JlLfWU , K. LaUeuio 

Hampden. Massachusetts 

Legal Assistant 


South Windsor, Connecticut 

Administrative Assistant 

The special times will linger in our hearts 

and minds as they slowly grow into cherished 

memories as time continues to pass. 

Thank you lor everything Mom and Dad — I love you! 

I think of all those people who mean so much to 
me and for these years have made me so happy 
count the times I have forgotten to say thanks ar 
I Love You Mom, Dad, Micke, Sue, and Gary! ! 

South Windsor, Connecticut 

Administrative Assistant 



Windsor LocksrCdnnecticu 

Travel Administration 

Good morning yesterday. You wake up and time has 
slipped away. Then suddenly it's hard to find the 
memories you left behind. Do you remember? 
All my love to my family and special freinds. 

Thank you Mom and Dad lor all your "Support'' 
these past two years! I Love You Both. 

South Windsor, Connecticut 
Administrative Assistant 

W ~M 

^^V >\Hk 



E . . 



t 1* Ir "' 

1 W'-' 

V m ^^^.Mii Ml lim M 


V^^^H ill nil ■ 


^F~A f *"-- 




Tomngton, Connecticut 
Administrative Assistant 

The End Of Another Beginning Also Means The Start 
Of Something New. I Hope It Will Be As Meaningful 
As The Memories I Have Of All Of You. . . THANKS 

— ■ * 


As I look back to see what is behind, memories of 
special friends ring in my brain. Times will pass 
and much will change, but their reflections will 
always remain! Thanks Mom and Dad! 

Tolland, Connecticut 
Travel Administration 



(-Jane/ <J . UV^AXricuta, 

Fairhaven, Massachusetts 
Travel Administration 

For it is the laughter we will remember, 
Whenever we remember the way we were. 
Love and Thanks Mom and Dad 
ILY. .. NJ&SL5 

"II the Inend is close at hand 

that is best; but if she is lar away 

she is still there to think ot 

All my love to you. Mom and Dad JSL4 

Falmouth. Massachusetts 
Travel Administration 


Clnrutte LJTla/tie< Juorvsk^ 

Hurley, New York 
Travel Administration 


If every successful man needs a woman behind 
him, every successful woman needs at least three 

This time, like all other times, 
is a very good one, 
if we but know what to do with it. 


West Hartford, Connecticut 
Legal Assistant 




Canton, Massachusetts 
Travel Administration 

Happiness . . . 

Is time spent with a friend 

and looking forward 

to sharing time with them again 

What a man thmketh in his heart and in his mind, 
so is he. I'll carry with me the memory of good 
friends, new experiences, and look forward to 
more than anyone could know 

Glastonbury, Connecticut 
Administrative Assistant 


Terryville, Connecticut 

As time sets in we still begin to know each 
other, even now as we go our separate ways . . . 
Even Together. Thanks Mom and Dad for your love 
and suDDort. I love you. Thanks everyone! 

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers 
ot dreams; for each age is a dream that is dying; 
or one that is coming to birth. Thank you Josie. 

Southington, Connecticut 
Legal Assistant 

West Hartford, Connecticut 
Business Administration — Management 

Excuse me, then! You know my heart, but dearest 

friends, alas! Must part. 

Thanks Mom and Dad. I love you both. 


"There is no difference between being m love and 
thinking you're m love The \oy and pain are the 
same " Dad and Vicki ILY< thanks LC. JV. JW. DP. 
LP. and DL for the friendships Dan — ILU XXOO* 


J I'bo-uJi C I tin q)< 

Menden. Connecticut 
Travel Administration 


csLcuti-ce g)uXua2 


East Longmeadow, Massachusetts 
Executive Secretarial 

No person is rich enough to buy back his past. 
Thank you everyone who has helped me become who 
l am today! 
Thank you Mom and Dad . . . I Love You Both! 

Longmeadow, Massachuset' 
Medical Secretary 

. '''':■•'■" 



' 3 

^auxtv LLruv& dLxx\late/ 

Ludlow, Massachusetts 
Legal Secretarial 

I was blessed to be loved by such a wonderful 
family. Because you all believed in me you've 

nfn e TH me J° bel ' eve m myselt ' L * ve You Mom and 
uad. I hank you lor everything! I 

"In order to reach the Summit 

You must first climb the mountain" 

Thanks lor Everything Mom and Dad — Love Ya 1 

West Springfield. Massachusetts 
Executive Secretarial 

Vernon, Connecticut 
Executive Secretarial 

Thank you Mom and Dad for love. Michael lor his 
strength. Mark for his quiet understanding. 
Maureen lor her laughter. Mathew and Michelle 
lor hugs and kisses. 

You stood by me, supported me, believed in me, ana 
gave me all you could give. Now it is my turn. 
Thank you Mom and Dad. I Love You! 

Springfield, Massachusetts 

Administrative Assistant 


Tolland, Connecticut 
Certified Professional Secretary 


Thanks Mom and Dad for all the years you stood by 
me and for all the confidence and support you gave 
me. I love you both very much. For you Bob, "I've 
been waiting," and now the waiting is over. 


Thanks Mom and Dad lor everything Especially you. 
Mom Wish you were here I miss you 

c) ruxtun A«un c/ltoue/i 

Windsor Locks. Connecticut 
Business Administration — Management 


XoAxUrui DlLaii^ <^ 


Milford, Massachusetts 
Legal Assistant 

"The friendships which last are those where in each 
friend respects the others dignity to the point 
of not really wanting anything from her." Mom, Dad 
and friends — I LOVE YOU! I'll miss you cetaworkers. 

f J W 




// you can imagine it, you can achieve it. 
If you can dream it, you can become it. 
William Arthur Ward — Thanks Mom, Dad, Gary, 
I love you always and forever. 

ij. oa/uxruL 

Ludlow, Massachusetts 
Executive Secretarial 




Love when you can, cry when you have to 
Be who you must . . . That's a part of the plan 

hank-you Grandpa and Grandma, Mom & John 
lor your patience and love. 

Northbridge, Massachusetts 
Executive Secretarial 

People often say that there isn't anything like a 
family when the chips are down Pauline, you make 
that saying true. To all my friends and family who 
have helped me, words cant express my thankfulness. 

c )<zanru& L/. LoniXI 

Penn Yan, New York 

Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 


jLafttcta. JCo 


Keene, New Hampshire 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

A rose is just a Rose . . . 

Until it blooms! 
Thank you Mom and Dad. 

You have touched me, 
I have grown. 

Westfield, Massachusetts 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 


Mansfield, Connecticut 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

All the world's a stage, and all the Men and 
Women merely players. They have their exits 
and entrances; and one Man in his time plays 
many parts, His act being seven ages. 

Happiness the climax of your life. Lite the teeling 
of being yourself. Time the hours we've shared 
Us, friends forever. All my love to my family — this 
is the end beautiful tr tends \ j[ykr 

/ * 

li'endu J u\\\i . 'uiU'u 

Marlborough, Connecticut 
Travel Administration 

i ! 

Linn eiVativuxn/ ^LAirtcrv 

Syracuse, New York 
Administrative Assistant 


For long you live and high you tly and smiles you'll 
give and tears you'll cry and all you touch and all 
you see is all your life will ever be. 

i 7*~ | 

We need not be afraid to touch, to feel, to show 
emotion, the easiest thing in the world to be is 
what you are, what you feel, the hardest thing to 
be is what other people want you to be. 


North Branford, Connecticut 
Administrative Assistant 


South Hadley, Massachusetts 
Business Administration — Management 

Special joy and special places, special friends 
together: the moments pass so quickly, but the 
memories are forever! All my love and thanks Mom 
and Dad. 

. ^ 

fflUUL &«v9R«§ 

Chappaqua. New York 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 


Longmeadow, Massachusetts 
Arts and Sciences 

Give me your hand my friend, and walk with me 
awhile. Sail a sea ol dreams, and share with me 
your smile. I will always remember the good times 
thanks to my family and friends — / love you! 

I look forward to tomorrow; for I have lived 
my yesterdays, and I love today. Thanks to 
all my friends and the great memories that 
we've shared. Special thanks to Mom and Dad. 

rJlLoAJbcv c^Ucmxcac/ Jv^raUda/ 

Oneida, New York 
Business Administration — Management 


<J cururuv <J\\joaaj^ <J\La& 

Gouverneur, New York 
Travel Administration 

It I had a single flower for everytime I think 
about my friends, I could walk forever in my 
garden. I'll miss each and everyone of you! 
Thanks for everything. 



^jaJbrv Ucvu. 


Every day in every way 
I am getting better, 
better and better 

Keene. New Hampshire 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

pJQsee tJJeaAJixxxerruri/ 

Easthampton, Massachusetts 

A friend is like a sunbeam that can always warm 
your day, and bring you endless treasures as you 
travel on life's way. Thanks Mom and Dad! 

Mom and Dad Thanks for all your love and 
understanding. God Bless you Both! Love Anna 

(jCrvro <J\Loaa& uOaMJut/ 

Springfield, Massachusetts 

Administrative Assistant 

. vVv 

/ spent my life preparing for what I want to be, 
and finally the opportunity presents itself. 
Thank you for everything, Mom and Dad. 



CaW, (Xruv JfL. q) lOlo/ 

Wilbraham, Massachusetts 
Executive Secretarial 


Wilbraham, Massachusetts 
Executive Secretarial 


JDav&ruv <J\L. Llccanes 

Enfield, Connecticut 

Dark shadows can be brightened by the touch of a 
warm hand and the smile ot a true friend. Thanks to 
Mom and The Family for all you've given me — Hope, 
Happiness, Love, and Friendship. I Love You All! 



Success is nothing unless the ones you love are 
there to share it with you. Thanks Mom and Dad 
I Love You, John. You're the Best' 

Enfield, Connecticut 
Legal Secretarial 

Enfield, Connecticut 
Certified Professional Secretary 


The best and most beautiful things in the world 
cannot be seen or even touched; they must be 
lelt with the heart. Thanks Grandma, Grandpa, Mom 
Dad, and Doug — / LOVE YOU! 

My closing entry Education at Bay Path 
Friends and Memories 
Mom and Dad and Keith Capital 
To record 2 years ol lun and LOTS ot hard studying 

Enfield. Connecticut 



East Hartford, Connecticut 

Regardless of whom I meet or what I do, the 
memories ol past friendships will remain with 
me always. 

Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream c 
happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope! 
(Sanskrit) Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you! 

Bedford, New Hampshire 
Medical Assistant 

- .. 

Just trust yourself, then you will know 
how to live. 


Hatfield, Massachusetts 
Executive Secretarial 


When dreaming about your impossible dreams 
you'll find that it isn't so impossible 
with a little hope and love Thanks lor all 
your love and support Mom, I love you' 

East Hartford. Connecticut 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 



ZV d&axah (jJalcytMrv 

West Hartford, Connecticut 
Arts and Sciences 

The time has come lor us to part, but don't say 
goodbye, for goodbye means forever. 
Thank you Mom and Dad, Bill and Rich for all of 
your love and support, I Love You, 

So many faces in and out of my life, some will last 
and some will be now and then . . . but for now it's 
time to say goodby my friends. 
LY B2 LN'S in HTFD 2:00 wake-ups JD Love you a, 

Pepper Pike, Ohio 

Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 





Shrub Oak, New York 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

here are so many people that have come and gone, 
wir faces fade as the years go on, and still I 
icall as I wander on; as clear as the sun in the 
jmmer sky. It's more than a feeling — ILY MOM & DAD. 

Qcuxes J) rarvatL 

West Hartford. Connecticut 

Arts and Sciences 


Uxbridge, Massachusetts 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 




u ■% 

Often times it happens that we live our lives 
in chains and never know we have the key. 
Thanks to Mom and Dad tor backing me up, and 
making my dreams a reality. 

The greatest gilt I have ever 
received is the 
gift of love from my parents 
Thanks for being there . . . 

Kingston, New York 
Administrative Assistant 



JjehAxv \JLtxrv &AAarJLa£ 

Pittsfield, Massachusetts 
Certified Professional Secretary 

It you love something, set it free 

If it comes back to you, it is yours 

If it doesn't, it never was. 

Thanks M,D,M,N,G,D,L,S, All my true friends. 

People so seldom say "I love you," and then its 
too late or love goes, so when I tell you I love 
you it doesn't mean I know you'll never go 
only that I wish you didn't have to. 


Dalton. Massachusetts 
Administrative Assistant 

Tokyo, Japan 

Business Administration — Management 

Q f> 



I , 


Life is a tragedy for those who feel, a comedy 
for those who think. 



Two roads diverged in a wood 
and I took the one less traveled by, 
and that has made all the difference. 
Thanks Papa and Mama. 


Yokohama, Japan 

Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 


Ponce, Puerto Rico 
Travel Administration 

If you love something, se! it tree 
II it comes back to you, it is yours 
If it doesn't, it never was. 

There is music in a quiet ram . . . 
Cyn-Viki-Dana, I know I'll miss you. Love Kelly 
A ship in a harbor is safe, 

but that is not what ships are built lor 


Plymouth, New Hampshire 
Travel Administration 


\&'ueatb t )Veaixcuv 

Park Ridge, New Jersey 
Travel Administration 

Don't give too much of yourself, withhold a little 
keep them guessing, they may not always understand 
you. but they'll come back for more. They may not 
always like you but at least they'll never forget. 

Follow me, where I go, what I do, and who I know, 
Take my hand and we'll always see things through. 
All we'll remember are the speical times and friends 
The moments may pass but never end. Thank you Moi 

UVcdrJbexirv £) . c)atixc/ 

Schenectady, New York 
Travel Administration 


North Branford, Connecticut 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

We never know about the days to come 
but we think about them anyway. 
And I wonder if I'm really with you now 
or just searching after some finer day. 

There are places I remember all my life though 
some have changed, some forever not for better, 
some have gone and some remain; but in my life 
I've loved them all. Thank you Mom and Dad 


i)\\XLXAJbCUritX <J\JWJl, 

North Branford, Connecticut 
Arts and Sciences 



Chelmsford, Massachusetts 
Travel Administration 

istance sometimes endears friendship, and absence 
sweetens it — for separation from those we love shows 
us. by the loss, their real value and dearness to 
us. Thanks Mom and Dad My Buddy Bleu — MBS 

Yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow is 
only a vision, but today, well-used, makes every 
yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorro\ 
a vision of hooe. Thanks Mom and Dad, I Love You! 

rj I \XiAAXr- Aoj ,)\ LoIoaLcV 

Farmington, Connecticut 
Executive Secretarial 


(Iruv JTL. CDerWxxu/ 

Essex Junction, Vermont 
Tra vel A dministration 

All my love to Mom and Dad. 

■ ■■ i- 

Last night I dreamed that I was in love with 
you. This morning I woke up and realized that 
I am in love with you. I am living my dream 
between awakenings. Amant Mike. Thank you Mom 

V. ido XICL cL~ <J 


Lebanon, New Hampshire 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

1 33 





Rutland, Vermont 
Travel Administration 

MOM: The only way I know how to say thanks, 
is to express how very much I love you. Sis 

P i It I 

I litis 




Friendship defies age and ignores distance, it 
weathers the hard times and shares the good. I wit 
always remain with the memories of the times we 
have shared knowing how fortunate I am. 

West Milford, New Jersey 
Travel Administration 

West Suffield, Connecticut 
Legal Assistant 

1 am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen 
yesterday and I love today. Thanks Dad and Mom 
1 love youl I 

Thanks to Mom and Dad tor being the best parents. 
If you have something to do tomorrow, do it today. 
Don't accept anyone lor what they are. try to show 
Them how to better themselves. Keisha 

,1 ^sa Cl . i K >.nl 

Rutland, Vermont 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

Springfield, Massachusetts 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the 
things that may be desired are not to be compared 
to it. PROVERBS 8:11. 
I Love You Mom, Dad, and Ricky. 

"If you can't convince them — confuse them. 



i * 


East Longmeadow, Massachusetts 

Business Administration — Management 

cJycAi^cc/ Q). & icrvtJLexiL 

Sheffield, Massachusetts 

01 all the things that are important to me, my 
family's love is, and will always be, on top. 
Without this, lite would be an endless struggle. 

Make the most of today, lor yesterday is 
but a dream, and tomorrow is /ust a vision 
Thank you Mom and Dad lor all your patience, 
love and support I love you 

Ujnifua Linn V. J <mwu II 

Springfield, Massachusetts 
Administrative Assistant 

HUa&arafv cLm*uv c)WnLi^ 

Ellington, Connecticut 
Executive Secretarial 

I have no yesterdays, time took them away. 
I may not have tomorrow, but I have today. 




"To achieve all that is possible, 
we must attempt the impossible — 

To be as much as yve can be, 
we must dream of being more." Karen Ravn 

Chicopee, Massachusetts 
Executive Secretarial 

Joy is the Echo of God's Love within Us 



Saco, Maine 
Travel Administration 

To live your life in your own way 

To reach tor the goals you have set lor yoursell 

To be the you that you want to be — 

That is success Thanks Mom and Dad I Love You 

Springfield. Massachusetts 
Executive Secretarial 

En/ield, Connecticut 
Administrative Assistant 

No love, no friendship, can ever cross our 
path without affecting us in some way forever. 
Thanks Mom and Dad. 

For when we give our joys away they're never 
really gone. Happiness comes back to us each 
time we pass it on. 
Thanks Mom and Pop. 

Enfield, Connecticut 
Executive Secretarial 


South Hadley, Massachusetts 
Business Administration — Management 

To ■'Bad Man Jose"; Thanks lor 
everything, Big Three! xox 
Lois of Love to Ma and Daddy. 

Windsor Locks, Connecticut 
Travel Administration 

Special /oys and special places, special Inends 
together; the moments pass so quickly, but the 
moments are lor ever. I love you Mom. Dad. and 
Theresa. Thank you lor all your help 



Agawam, Massachusetts 

Business Administration — Management 

Live life to its fullest and be happy! 
Thanks Mom and Dad xo 

Enfield, Connecticut 
Administrative Assistant " 

Today, well lived, makes yesterday a dream of 
happiness, and tomorrow a vision of hope. 

I celebrate myself, and sing myself, and what I 
assume you shall assume, for every atom belongir 
to me as good belongs to you. —Walt Whitman 

Gilford, Connecticut 
■ \Business Administration — Management 

q^yvoaxuv c)aicu 


Enfield, Connecticut 
Business Administration — Management 

Wilbraham, Massachusetts 
Administrative Assistant 

For I dipt into the future, far as human eye could 
see, Saw the vision of the world and all the 
wonder that would be. 

—Tennyson, Locksley Hall 

Every new thought conceived today, makes 
tomorrow that much more interesting. 

Thank you Dad and Mom 

Lots of Love, Laurie. 

Springfield, Massachusetts 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

Time endures, but cannot fade 

the memories that friends have made 

Thank you Mom and Dad. I couldn't have made it 

without your love and support 


i/VinibcTtu t/lUi-iu' - n( u xtu 

Springfield. Massachusetts 
Travel Administration 

Leominster, Massachusetts 
Travel Administration 

q)umiav ( t|. JCeiau)fuv 

North Pembroke, Massachusetts 
Legal Assistant 

n isn't always easy, this thing called life, plans 
dont always work out the way they're suppose to. 
But. we always have to remember that it ; s up to us 
.ve're the ones that have to push the clouds away. 

Things are never perfect; but inside, you can see 
them without flaw, as if they were perfect. That 
is what makes the world so beautiful to me. 
'THANKS MOM' It's been nice chattin, girls! ADIi 

Westfield, Massachusetts 
Legal Assistant 

North Granby, Connecticut 
Executive Secretarial 

Springfield, Massachusetts 
Arts and Sciences 

I came, I saw, I conquered! 
IB 37.2 

<J AxixerdinQy 

Ludlow, Massachusetts 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

Don't let time pass you by. 

Enjoy each sunrise and sunset 

And live your Hie to the lullest. 

Thank you Dad and Mom, With All My Love. Angela 

Turn your ear to wisdom 
incline your heart to understand. 

"I believe a leal ol grass is no less than 
the Journey-work ol the stars'' 
W Whitman 

awann, Massachusetts 
Arts and Sciences 



Longmeadow, Massachusetts 
Arts and Sciences 


cK alixieatv &aAwIcuv 

Enfield, Connecticut 
Travel Administration 

Hartford, Connecticut 
Executive Secretarial 


The most beautiful things in the world cannot be 

seen or even touched, they must be felt with the 


I Love You — Mom, Dad. and Amy. 

Windsor Locks, Connecticut 
Arts and Sciences 

To Bay Path I leave my naivety 
in return for the enlightenment 
Bay Path has given me. 
Love to Mr. Kane. 

Wilbraham, Massachusetts 
Arts and Sciences 



Enfield, Connecticut 

Administrative Assistant 

oLXao/ LX. K^cuixvlXaAX^ 

Enfield, Connecticut 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

rhank You Mom and Dad — I Love You 

I cherish all the moments I have spent with my 

friends and hope there will be many more in the 


"Positive thinking makes for positive living!" 
He is made one in nature; there is heard. 
His voice in all her music. 

\x)cur\Aa/ ij . \_xw\atv 

". . Lite, like a dome of 

many coloured glass, 

stains the white radiance ot eternity 

West Springfield, Massachusetts 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

( d\lcucinv £}. C>caXa 


West Springfield, Massachusetts 
Medical Assistant 





Tjeort <J\LuAAvaries 


Shrub Oak, New York 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

West Suffield, Connecticut 
Business Administration 

What ever you may do. 

don't forget about all the little things 

small as they may seem 

they all add up to someone else's dreams. LOVE YOU 

Time passes but memories always stay, with the friends 
and lovers you meet along the way. Some may go 
and some may stay, but within my heart they will 
never go away. I love you Tom and Wendy. Thanks Mom! 



\jLrww/ KjJejOMxJnxxrxxjQy 

Bayport, New York 
Arts and Sciences 


Binghamton, New York 
Travel Administration 




) u^ahcihy 

West Hartford, Connecticut 
Travel Administration 

Holland Patent, New York 
Travel Administration 

Can it be that il was all so simple then. Or has 

time rewritten every line 

-Streisand Au Revoir 

Longmeadow, Massachusetts 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 
The rusted chains ol prison moons 
are shattered by the sun 
I walk a road, horizons change 
the Tournament's begun. 

Enfield, Connecticut 
Legal Assistant 

The morning glory which blooms for an hour, 
Dillers not at heart from the giant pine, 
Which lives lor a thousand years. 



Norfolk, Connecticut 
Legal Assistant 

LivuAtuxe/ <X.tnuul< 

Longmeadow, Massachusetts 
Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management 

\ axoU 

SAU-PAULO, Brasil 
Arts and Sciences 

Holyoke, Massachusetts 
Executive Secretarial 

9lLvuj & 


JV < 

Windsor Locks, Connecticut 
Travel Administration 

I would like to thank Mr Foley lor his support 
Los vie/os. muito obngada pot tude e peias 
paciencias mesqueciues' Joanna and Russ remember 
our times together at Texaco A Crowns. ILL) ALL' 

« Hutu (| c/ltOtU J Iwmiui - 

South Yarmouth, Massachusetts 
Legal Assistant 


** ft 


"This life is yours. 

Take the power to choose what you want to do and do it well. 

lower to love what you want in life and love it honestly. 
Take the power to walk in the forest and be a part of nature. 

lower to control your own life, no one else can do it for you. 
■ver to make your life happy." 

Susan Polis Schutz 



-ive as long as you may, 

The first twenty years are the longest half of your life 

Sou they 




Editor in Chief 

Shari Coopee 


Most people do not realize the work and effort put into i 
yearbook. There are deadlines to meet, pages to be done anc 
cooperation must flow through the entire staff. The rewards in z 
job as this are few, yet the satisfaction of knowing that you were i 
part in creating this book is very special. That is why I was glad tc 
be chosen 1983 Portico Editor-in-Chief. 

After the last deadline is over, it is a lot easier to look back and 
see your mistakes than to realize them when you are right in the 
thick of things. Certainly if I had to do it over again, there are a 
number of changes I would make; there is always room for 

There are a number of people I feel that must be acknowledged 
for their dedication and determination to this book. Only an editor 
can appreciate the assistance of competent and understanding 
assistant editors, Stacy Riche and Sabrina Clifford. Few are those 
who would give up their last year of college for the headaches a 
yearbook entails. I sincerely appreciate the work that they did for 
me, and I wish them both the best of luck after school is over. My 
sincere appreciation goes to Dean Marcia Conrad for her help. 
Thanks to her, the staff is now beginning to realize their cape 
bilities, and more important their potentials. Much gratitude goes 
to Miss Flynn in helping me with the numerous and small, yet 
important tasks that help complete a yearbook. Also a very special 
thanks to Steven's Photography (Bob and Judd) and Don Lendry 
from Josten's American Yearbook Company for all their help and 
support to make this book what it is. 

Lastly, I wish to extend a personal thanks to the 1983 Portico 
Staff. Their hard work and dedication is reflected in these pages. It 
was by their effort that this book was made a success. 

Shari Coopee 
1983 Portico Editor-in-Chief 



Portico Staff 


Catee Kellogg, Stephanie Fisk, Jean Barnes, Lore 
Weber, Julie Cady, Linda Caldwell, Pam 








Student Government 

Chris Brooks (Secretary), Krista Hahn (Vice 
President), Laura O'Neil (Treasurer), Lisa Duguay 

Senior Class Officers 

Row 1: Chris Cataldo (President), Lynn Klosowski 
(Vice President). Standing: Allison Gracie, 
(Secretary), Suzanne Aronson (Treasurer). 

Junior Committee 

Row 1: Wendy Aronson (Treasurer), Barbara 
Cistulli (Chairman), Lisa Kalenkowitz (Chairman), 
Karen Starr (Secretary). 




Social and Cultural 

Alison Gracie, Chris Cataldo, Lynne Klosowski 
Bonnie Kuralt, Sue Aronson, Laura O'Neil Chris 
Brooks, Lisa Duguay, Kelly Eichstedt, Krista Hahn 

Student Government 

Row 1: Chris Cataldo, Alison Gracie, Lynn 
Klosowski, Suzanne Aronson, Laura O'Neil, Lisa 
Duguay, Chris Brooks, Krista Hahn Row 2: 
Camilla Rosati, Karen Kenney. Row 3: Sylvia 
King, Lore Weber, Bonnie Kuralt. Kelly Eichstedt. 
Lisa Kalenkowitz, Barbara Cistulli. Wendy 
Aronson, Diane Czyzniak, Dina Cava, Lame Tiik, 
Roberta Topping, Evelyn Perez, Patty Nelson 


Portia Inn 

Top to Bottom: Lisa Vander Putten, Mary Caliento, 
Lynn Lavoie, Lore Weber, Maria DiBenedetto, 
Debbie Ryan, Lisa Kalenkowitz, Jennifer Darey, 
Edith Bouchard, Mary McGowan, Susan Kallai, 
Sandra Evans, Kelly Eichstedt. Linda Sears. Shirley 
Laughlin, Kolin Woehr, Christine Zalucki, Heidi 
Betzner, Christine Gilroy, Donna Cyboron, Cathy 
Peltier, Liz Hamill (President), Pauline Lucier 
(Secretary), Ms. Fraczek. 






1 "- , 





Maroon Key 

Row 1: Sharon Soja, Shelly Eaton, Cheryl Attanasio, 
Diane Czyzniak, Krista Hahn. Row 2: Anne Marie 
Mugavero, Paula Baker, Penny Mottes, Lisa 
Duguay, Louise Guertin. Absent: Desiree 
Eichstedt, Vicki Dumane. 

Executive Board 

Lisa Duguay, Suzanne Aronson, Laura O'Neil, 
Alison Gracie, Lynne Klosowski, Krista Hahn, 
Wendy Aronson, Chris Cataldo, Christine Brooks. 
Absent: Barbara Cistulli, Lisa Kalenkawitz. 


Christine Hassinger, Robin Cox, Amy Sinclair, 
Patricia Gunn, Annette Cote, Connie White, Allison 
Hill, Susan Kallai, Melissa Cole (Librarian), Victoria 
Ginsberg, Shelly Eaton Absent: Debra King. 






Golden Z Club 

Valencia Proctor, Mary Knight, Christine Redler, 
Ellen Oddo (Treasurer), Diana Farina (President), 
Cindy Murphy (Vice President), Victoria Ginsburg, 
Kristen Capen, Christine Cataldo. 

Day Students Club 

Lisa Sheridan (Vice President), Cheryl Emery 
(President), Suzanne Pare (Secretary), Dawna 
Ciccone, Christine Cataldo, Josee Beauchemin, 
_isa Schack, Laurie Sullivan. Not Pictured: Dma 
3ava, Tammy Strouth, Penni Thomas, Mary 
vIcGowan, Debbie Stratton, Ann Basile, Eleni 
Demetriou, Patty Sigrist, Michelle Chartier. 

Phi Beta Lambda 

Row 1: Penny Mottes (Recording Secretary). Susan 
Piasecki (Treasurer), Victoria Ginsburg (Historian). 
Natalie Nucera Row 2: Lousie Guertin. Mary Lou 
Taylor. Pat Nicholas. Lisa Bedard (Vice President). 
Yvette Goulet. Wendy Solan Not Pictured: Kim 
Garand (President), Chris Millette (Corresponding 
Secretary). Denice Fortin. Rosa Santos 

5C/C/50C0 OC<»=COCO<»SOOG<X>00^^ 




Resident Assistants 

Cottage, Empsall, Longmeadow 

Stacy Riche, Sabrina Clifford, Catee Kellogg 
(Cottage); Pat Gunn,;Cheryl Attanasio Janet Morris, 
(Empsall); Lynne Klosowki Lisa Duguay, 


Vera Felix, Ann Leary (Theinert 3), Debbie San 
(Theinert 1), Donna Mazur (Theinert 2), CI 1 
Brooks (Theinert 4), Linda Payne (Theinert 4) 



Row 1: Eileen Keahon (Bollum 2), Nancy O'Brien 
(Bollum 3). Sue Lynch (Bollum 3), Tricia Hood 
(Bollum 2) Row 2: Ann Plonsky (Bollum 4), 
Carol Cunningham (Bollum 4), Janice Curtin 
(Bollum 1), Roberta Topping (Bollum 1), Barbie 
McGrath (Bollum 4). 



Tour Guides 

Row 1: Cindy Deacon, Bonnie Kuralt, Pam 
Abbruzzese, Chris Konyak, Catee Kellogg, Dina 
Cava, Joanne Valentino, Alison Gracie, Lori Knox, 
Roberta Topping. Row 2: Susan Piasecki, Mary 
Bialecki, Maureen Whitton, Barbara McGrath, 
Kathy Stoddard, Diane Czyzniak, Krista Hahn, 
Michelle Langevin, Pauline Lucier, Jean Gibson, 
Pat Nicholas. 

ood Committee 

iane Czyzniak, Penny Mottes, Lisa Mansfield 
hairperson). Lisa Duguay. 

Corner House, Arlington House, 
Elliott House 

Debbie Jensen, Mary-Michele Brunoli (Corner); 
Jean Gibson, Debra Greenleaf. Dawn Radwick, 
Alison Gracie (Elliot); Diane Czyzniak, Laine 
Tiik (Arlington) 






Interfaith Council 

Linda Bossert (President), Pamela Schulze 
(Secretary), Theresa Casbay, Roberta Topping. 
Absent: Laurie Simard, Shannon Eldridge. 

Theater Workshop 

Row 1: Agnes Smith, Sherry Dorn (Vice Pres- 
ident), Karen Hurkett (Treasurer), Ann Plonsky 
(President), T.C. Casbay (Secretary), Nicolette 
Skawski (Executive Committee), Cindy Deacon 
(Executive Committee), Robin Cox. Row 2: Kelly 
Eichstedt. Paige Turco, Elisa Papandrea, Linda 
Caldwell, Jane Kvilhaug, Evelyn Perez, Sylvia King, 
Maureen Whitton, Julie Wojna, Liz Parker. 

Jogging Club/Outing 
Ultimate Frisbee 

Row 1: Mr. Saward, Sylvia King "F", Camilla Rosati 
"F", Patti Nelson "F", Corinne Bernier (Coach), Pam 
Abbruzzese "S", Jeannie Cahill "S", Agnes Smith 
"O", Corinne Deering "O", Mary McGowan "O", 
Regina Laboranti "O", Kristen Capen "O", Catee 
Kellogg "V", Carol Cunningham "V" "J", Laura 
O'Neil "J", Becky Armstrong "J". Row 2: Roberta 
Topping "F", Heidi Barndollar "F", Evelyn Perez "F", 
Celeste Bobela "F" "S", Liz Bossidy "S" "J", Kathy 
Murray "J" "S", Andrea Majka "O", Susan Piasecki 
"O", Mary Lou Taylor "O", Chris Brooks (President 
of Outing Club), Joanne Ascione "O", Amy Taylor 
"V" "S", Sabrina Clifford "V", Lore Weber "J", Mary 
Knight "O". Not Pictured: (Soccer) Maria 
Renaldo, Marcy Wood, Kerrin Duffy, Debbie 
Johnson. (Volleyball) Pat Misisco, Nancy Rostanzo, 
Eileen Keahon, Peggy Mink, Rosa Santos. 
(Jogging) Karen Kreps, Karen Samia, Penny 







Jlte mu\h Ittee to 

^ucl{3H itmwforit 
vaH ofeur 

txmrtente sfi 

Glee Club 

Row 1: Robin Cox. Terrie Wells, Allison Hill Mary 
Lotito. Shelly Steinmetz, Cindy Shields (President). 
Lori Knox, Susan Kallai, Carleen Conti. Patricia 
Gunn, Shelly Eaton, Liz Parker Row 2: Agnes 
Smith, Sandra Evans. Kathy Stoddard, Linda Sears, 
Becky Armstrong, Annette Cote, Connie White. 
Donna Ferry. Darlene Hargraves. Amy Sinclair, 
Christine Hassinger. Jacqueline Carrier, Melissa 
Cole (Librarian) Row 3: Tracy Olsen. Vickie 
Ginsburg. Michelle Tremblay. Wendy llg. Amy 
Montgomery. Jean Gibson, Linda Maroni. Debbie 
Bower, Debi Fusco. Sue Alhston, Kathy Andrews. 
Suzy Thomas. Kolm Woehr. Lynn Manchester 
Absent: Debra King. 










e .* 

V.-' v. 


tfjbavi ^Mdr&ifarztf +T$eiy are&it)gmg * * 





WntnpM <9aif 

©cttter a 19^2 


! mi 




■ T « 


jBalloon "^o^l 


IT % 











m , 

pz\h ntz 





i JfVttepTion 


ijU inter^wngj 

jHMi 0Wjf 



& %wpfi$)$b 





^Zdti^fbptid ($&&£& 

Dear Dean Conrad: 

We appreciate the time you spent to advise and 
support us with any preparations we had with the 
1983 Portico. 



^U>tyto? b> W$ $Mm> 


^Mw <&nW* %vufc$\ 

Dear Miss Russo: 

Through your leadership and guidance, our 
two years at Bay Path were most rewarding. Your 
support has given us the determination to carry on 
our goals in life. 

Best Wishes to you always from all of us, 


fibUittoP* h the msjfcnipi' @la& 


$Wicteti££ ^dimfop? 

Mr. and Mrs. David Saward 

Bollum Hall 

Miss Andrea Russo 

Miss Barbara Hitchcock 

Dean Marcia Conrad 

Empsali Hall 

Elliot House 

The Cottage 

Longmeadow House 

Emerson House 

Arlington House 

Mr. Thomas Bradham 

Corner House 

Ms. Judy Viadella 

Theinert Hall 

_____—. — — . 

n&My M83 

1st Row: Alison Gracie, Lynne Kiosowski, Suzanne Aronson, Laura O'Neil, Christine Brooks, Diana Farina. 2nd Row: 
opee.Martine Beaulieu, Annette Plonsky, Christine Cataldo, Sabrina Clifford, 3rd Row: Cheryl Emery Krista 
Hahn, Lisa Duguay Stacy Riche. 












Mrs. Meri Kassanos 

Director of Alumnae 






Ms. Arlene Milton Bellmay 

Director of Development 

' K ^ s<ys<ys/:y:1<::ri ^^ 










■ i 


l >»coccoooccec«c«oooc<»ooocccooocosooooc«cccccec«»cooccccc^^ 

■ • I 

« rM 


k^M - V "^**C?: I ff^* • 










Matrons and 
Maintenance Men 

Row 1: Mattie Gromacki, Louise Dinueei. Mae 
Serra, Rita Scagliarini, Helen Koberna, Judith 
Borecki, Ann Morales. Row 2: Bill Ferriter. Dick 
Gagnon, Neil Pacal, Paul Stanton. Domonic 
Calabrese, David Cunningham, Dave Anderstrom, 
Brian Haley. Not Pictured: Marie McQuillian. 

Dining Services 

Row 1: Beverly VanWagner, Kay Richards, Nina 
White, Marge Foy, Gisela Leduc, Mary Kelley, Mary 
Joyce. Row 2: Susan Magrini, Jorge Guillen, 
Neil Stanton, Helen Cochanowski, Edda Casale, 
Candace Smith, Julie Driscoll, Ann Gentile, Erna 
Vakel, Ruth Richards, Ted Meskunas. Row 3: 
Nelson Kinlaw, Arthur Hill. 

Bill Ducharme 

Security Guard 


•>.• I 


*.•* • " " ' 

'* "*/•% 


i / <i . _ ^ 


Abbruzzese. Pamela 54 

Albano. Mane C 108 

Arnold. Holly Lynne 70 

Aronson. Suzanne 100 

Attanasio. Cheryle A 88 

Auger. Lori Ann 73 

Baker. Paula Jean 88 

Bartlem. Mary E 21 

Basile. Ann Marie 118 

Bayne. Lisa 149 

Beauchamp. Tracie A 148 

Beauchemm. Josee Ann 118 

Beaulieu. Marline. M 58 

Benway. Ann Margaret 133 

Bernier. Cormne E 78 

Bialecki. Mary Olivia 64 

Bigda. Lynn Marie 89 

Bigham. Katherine L 85 

Bisson, Sherry Joan 134 

Blood. Lynn 74 

Bortle. Amy Jo 81 

Bossert. Linda K 50 

Bossidy. Elizabeth A 67 

Bouchard. Michele Ann 149 

Brooks. Christine M 35 

Brunoli, Mary-Michele 38 

Bryll. Cheryl R 87 

Burnick. Linda Anne 30 

Butler, Pamela Jean 21 

Cady, Julie Ann 40 

Cahill. Jeannie C 111 

Caliento. Mary 97 

Caouette. Madeline J 17 

Cardone, Laurie J 143 

Carey. Lisa Ann 45 

Candes. Joanna 39 

Carter, Wanda 147 

Casbay, Theresa P 50 

Castellon. Michele Ann 131 

Cataldo, Christine A 58 

Cava. Dina M 75 

Cavallero. Lisa Ann 147 

Cebula, Michell Mary 56 

Ciccone, Dawna M 120 

Clark. Christine M 68 

Clifford. Sabrina M 76 

Cohen. Bambi 23 

Cole. Melissa Joan 52 

Coopee, Shan E 40 

Cooper Michele H 31 

Cox. Robin Victoria 31 

Cunningham, Carol A 32 

Curran, Lisa Lorraine 103 

Curtin, Janice Elaine 19 

Cyboron, Donna Lynn 135 

Czyzniak, Diane 99 

D'Agostino, Anna Lisa 139 

Daly. Mary Beth 149 

D'Antonio, Kim Marie 134 

D'Arrigo, Laurie A 146 

Deacon, Cynthia L 62 

Dellacato, Nancy Lynn 126 

DeMello, Lisa Marie 101 

Demers, Melanie L 46 

DesRoberts, Leslie L 116 

DiBenedetto, Maria T 51 

Dickey, Krista Marie 66 

DiPoppo, Lisa Ann 93 

Doherty, Kathleen M 149 

Dorn, Sheryl Ann 65 

Doyle, Patricia M 43 

Drinkwater, Tina L 136 

Droney, Jane Ann 125 

Dudley, Kristen J 10 

Duguay, Lisa Marie 100 

Dumaine, Victoria L 133 

Eaton, Shelly Kaye 144 

Edness, Stacy 89 

Eichstedt, Desiree E 137 

Eltz, Jeanne Caren 92 

Emery, Cheryl Lynn 140 

Estes, Kelly Anne 129 

Evans, Sandra E 104 

Farina, Diana Joslin 117 

Farina, Diane Marie 43 

Farley, Wendy Dawn 113 

Farrington, Gail Marie 46 

Felix, Vera Pereira 95 

Fiorentino, Angela R 145 

Firmneck, Cheryl Lynn 122 

Fisher, Lisa 124 

Flynn, Sheila Ann 14 

Fortin, Denice Marie 96 

Francoeur, Lynn D 93 

Frederick, Lynne Marie 26 

Fusco, Deborah Lee 69 

Gage, Lisa Marie 29 

Garand, KimberlyJ 110 

Garofalo, Mariella 34 

Gavoni, Wendy Jo 90 

Gentile, Lori Ann 106 

Gibson, Jean Louise 25 

Gomez, Rosa 145 

Gracie, Alison Fiona 10 

Greenleaf, Debra Ann 127 

Grello, Eva Marie 141 

Guertin, Louise Aline 96 

Gunn, Patricia Louise 16 

Hackett, Kathleen 79 

Hahn, Krista Mara 59 

Hamill, Elizabeth Ann 65 

Hassett, Leslee Ann 127 

Hebert, Diane E 85 

Henry, Theresa E 24 

Hession, Robin J 126 

Hick, Majorie C 53 

Hood, Patricia E ] 28 

Howard, Janice Marie 22 

Howes, Deborah Jean 36 

Hoyle, Pamela Lee 115 

Hurkett, Karen Ann 33 

Irizarry, Awilda 129 

Ishikura, Miyuki 128 

Jenny, Joan Marie 26 

Jensen, Deborah Ann 38 

Jerusik, Lori Ann 138 

Johnson, Marcella D 94 

Johnson, Patricia Ann 80 

Joyce, Melissa Phyllis 42 

Kampf, Marcy Ann 83 

Keahon, Eileen Marie 130 

Keir, Andrea 143 

Kellogg, Catherine 77 

Kent, Lisa A 135 

Kerr, Maryann D 131 

King, Debra Celeste 109 

King, Kelly Ann 144 

King, Mary Ellen 149 

King, Sylvia 13 

Kinomoto, Izumi 128 

Klosowski, Lynne A 98 

Knox, Lori Ann 83 

Kolvek, Lorie Faith 148 

Konyak, Christine 54 

Kopin, Kim Ann 114 

Kuralt, Bonnie Jean 59 

Kvilhaug, Jane Irene 101 

Lajoie, Karen Marie 48 

Lamprey, Loretta Jean 37 

Langevin, Michele M 111 

Lanteigne, Elizabeth 33 

Lavoie, Lynn Anne 107 

Leary, Ann Marie 122 

Leclerc, Denise Gordon 25 

Leduc, AnnaMarie 91 

Lesperance, Joline Ann 49 

Liberatore, Lisa 142 

Longueuil, Lori Gail 84 


Lucier, Pauline Mane 110 

Lynch, Ann Kathryn 114 

Lynch, Susan Marie 37 

MacGregor, Nancy Jean .... 47 

MacMillan, Robin Jean 17 

Maconga, Elizabeth H 74 

Maheux, Mona Lisa 36 

Majka, Andrea 148 

Manchester, Lynne Ann 108 

Mansfield, Lisa Mary 98 

Mantovani, Cheryl Ann 18 

Marcinowski, Lori Ann 121 

Marsano, Tracy Lynne 72 

Matava, Mary-Jo 132 

Mazur, Donna Lynn 72 

McGrady, Kelly Anne 146 

McGrath, Barbara Ann 13 

McGuire, Michelle Ann 115 

Middleton, Nancy Ann 61 

Miller, Christine M 28 

Miller, Dorothy K 91 

Millett, Christine 69 

Mirucki, Lori A 75 

Misisco, Patricia Ann 90 

Moe, Tammy Marie 117 

Molleur, Mary Beth 84 

Moran, Cynthia Jean 30 

Morgan, Sandra Pearl 45 

Morris, Janet Lynn 132 

Mottes, Penny Leigh 60 

Moyer, Sharyn L 109 

Mugavero, Ann Marie 95 

Murasso, AnnMarie C 80 

Murnane. Elizabeth J 148 

Murray, Kathleen Daryl 23 

Murray, Pamela Gail 22 

Murty, Kimberly M 143 

Neale, Kristin M 147 

Nicholas, Patricia Mae 24 

Nicholson. Sandra Lynn 18 

Oberg, Karen L 79 

O'Brien, Nancy Carol 55 

O'Donnell, Cynthia Ann 137 

Olsen, Tracy-Lyn 57 

O'Meara, Ann Marie 86 

O'Neil, Laura Rae 99 

Ottani. Sandra 145 

Pallone, Julia 149 

Pappas, Carolyn M 78 

Pare, Suzanne 142 

Parker, Elizabeth E 77 

Parkinson, Ann Mary 15 

Patrick, Kari Lynne 20 

Pavano, Jeanne Marie 49 

Payne, Linda Marie 34 

Pejouhy, Susan J 144 

Pepper. Susan Carol 44 

Peters, Jayne Marie 15 

Piasecki, Susan Lynn 51 

Pickunka, Janice Ann 123 

Pignatare, Karen L 112 

Piscatello, Gina Marie 53 

Pizzanello, Jane M 20 

Plonsky, Annette Marie 102 

Posner, Patricia A 112 

Radwick, Dawn M G 44 

Reale, Lori Ellen 32 

Renaldo, Maria Louise 116 

Rendulic, Darla Ann 55 

Reynolds, Tracie Beth 19 

Rich, Laura Dominica 104 

Riche, Stacy Elizabeth 76 

Riley, Lauren Pauline 11 

Rinaldi, Angela 105 

Rinaldi, Chris 149 

Rogers, Marie C 16 

Ruff, Kathryn 29 

Rutkauskas, Linda Rita 102 

Ramia. Karen Elizabeth 67 

Santor, Deborah A 105 

Santora, Beth Ann 68 

Santos, Rosa M 97 

Sarvela, Veronica Lee 87 

Scala, Maxine 147 

Schack, Lisa Marie 120 

Schmidt. Susan Ellen 71 

Schulze, Pamela A 12 

Selicious. Kali N 73 

Shea, Mary Rose 71 

Sheridan, Lisa A 107 

Sherry, Denise Wendy 92 

Shibles, Stacey 113 

Shields, Cynthia Ann 52 

Sibilia. Carol AM 119 

Sibilia, Joanne C 119 

Sigrist. Patricia Ann 121 

Simard. Laurie Jean 139 

Skawski, Nicolette D 62 

Smith, Susan Marie 41 

Soja. Sharon 143 

Sotile. Kathleen J 130 

Sovik. Karina 64 

Stanislas, Denise L 56 

Stoddard. Kathleen M 57 

Stomberg. Deborah Lynn .... 138 
Strouth. Tammy J 140 

Sullivan, Kathleen 146 

Sullivan, Kristen Anne 81 

Sullivan, Laurie M 106 

Sweeney, Megan L 103 

Swist, Judith Ann 48 

Taylor, Amy Katherine 66 

Taylor, Mary Louise 60 

Therrien, Mary Elizabeth .... 141 

Thomas, Nancy Marie 149 

Tiik, Laine P 11 

Topham, Anastasia M 70 

Topping, Roberta Jean 12 

Tyrrell, Mary Ellen 27 

Tyrrell, Wendy G 125 

Valentino, Joanne M 123 

Vander Putten. Lisa Ann .... 47 

Vassallo. Anna 146 

Vezina. Janine Rita 35 

Walgren, Deborah Ann 124 

Wallace. Judith Mae 39 

Walters, Marci 149 

Ward, Susan M 41 

Weber, Lore M 82 

Webersen, Cynthia Lee 27 

Wheeler, Debbie Lee 145 

Wheeler, Susan E 42 

White. Abigail S 142 

White. Constance M 82 

Whitton, Maureen Joan 63 

Wiley, Heather 136 

Williams. Pamela Anne 14 

Williams. Sherry Lynn 94 

Woina. Julianne 63 

Yosky. Karen Mae 61 

Yurkevicz. Cheryl Ann 86 

Zalucki. Christine 144 

r „. 





-. * '